These short videos and a few comments tell the story.

10 years and counting. Video production by Mark Goethel.

A nice look at 2016. Video production was donated by 9&10 News Creative Services.


Last 2 miles of MSB 2011

Relive the first annual MSB Fat Tire Fest on May 1, 2010. Enjoy the show!

Some comments received after the 2010 race:


You guys rocked it! My first race and now married to MSB. See you next year - Dan Ellis


Thanks for doing the MSB again, this was the best race I was a part of all last year! Best course and by far the best atmosphere, and it is so great to have this kind of event right in TC - Cody Covis, Hagerty Cycling Team


I just want to thank-you all from the bottom of my heart for such an excellent event. I have told people this was one of the most fun times of my life. It was like the best college day ever, and I graduated from college over 25 years ago. Everything was perfect! The course, the people, Mt Holiday, the music, the beer, the food, the kids races, the DJ, and of course the weather. Thanks for all the work you did, it really was awesome! - Marcy Pryde Tucker


What a FANTASTIC event! LOVED the weather, too! (And my groovy Beer mug prize) - Marnie TenCate


I'm impressed.Nothing but positive things going on with this race. - Bryan Douglas Elenbaas


The Mud, Sweat and Beers is definitely going to be an annual event for me. I raced the Pale Ale race and my son competed in the kids "Root Beer" race - we both had a blast. - Adam Beasley


This was one of the best run sporting events I've ever seen. Easy registration. Nice hosts at Mt. Holiday. Great course, well marked, terrific smiling support staff, friendly activities. Just a perfect day. Thanks! - Bill Palladino


Had a blast. Never raced mountain bike before. Trails were marked great and I came in 12th! I'm hooked. Can't wait to race next year! - Wild William


Very good event you wouldn't even know it was the first time of many more years to come. The course was good and the entire package was enjoyable for me and my entire family from the kids to the grandparents. Thank You - Eric Grassa


Wow, what a great race! The whole event was superbly organized, from the flawless starts, well-marked trail, and plentiful, enthusiastic volunteers. Thanks for a great race -- I'm already looking forward to it next year! - B. Thuente


Great job on the race! I had a great time, the course was a lot of fun and it seemed like everything was very well run. Great volunteers too! Count me in for next year!! - Ken Blakey-Shell


MSB Directors- Thank you so very much for this great event!! See you next year and be looking for my registration on Sept 1!!! - Kathy Patton