MSB Loves You

Awards will be presented at 2pm on the MAIN beer barrel podium to the first three finishers in each race/category including:

Stout Men - Overall
Stout Men - Elite/Pro
Stout Men - Expert
Stout Men - Sport
Stout Men - Fix/SS
Stout Men - Clydesdale (200+ lbs.)
Stout Men- Fat Bike
Stout Men- Heavy Metal

Stout Women - Overall
Stout Women - Elite/Pro
Stout Women - Expert
Stout Women - Sport
Stout Women - Fix/SS
Stout Women - Fat Bike
Stout Women - Heavy Metal

Stout Women - Athena (150+ lbs.)
Stout - Tandem

Pale Ale Men - Overall
Pale Ale Men - Sport
Pale Ale Men - Beginner
Pale Ale Men Fix/SS
Pale Ale Men Clydesdale (200+ lbs.)
Pale Ale Men - Fat Bike
Pale Ale Men - Heavy Metal

Pale Ale Men - Unicycle

Pale Ale Women - Overall
Pale Ale Women - Sport
Pale Ale Women - Beginner
Pale Ale Women Fix/SS
Pale Ale - Tandem
Pale Ale Women - Fat Bike
Pale Ale Women- Heavy Metal

Age group winner?

We will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place age group/class/race awards at NOON on the small podium. Look for the awards table near the results board. 

All riders in the Root Beer loop will receive a root beer mug filled with Wild Bill's Root Beer for their efforts.

Check out our custom trophy! This special trophy stays at Mt. Holiday and features the names of the fastest man and women of each race.